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August 5, 2011
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This is my entry to the spider-man redsign contest over at Project rooftop and this is the thinking behind the design:

Peter has been shot, stabbed, blown up, crushed, electrocuted to name but some of the injuries
he's sustained whilst out saving lives. He decides he needs a new suit with a lot more protection, with Reed Richards being a close personal
friend Peter asks Reeds permission to use his lab which Reed grants. With the use of the worlds most advance laboratory Peter expands on his web
fluid formula. His webs are strong as steel but super flexible with this in mind he creates a protective under layer of armour strong and flexible.
This armour is stab proof and somewhat bulletproof (it would stop small caliber bullets). It would protect his body from injuries sustained from hand to
hand combat whilst being very light, thin and flexible. The base layer doesn't make him indestructible as this would be bad from a story stand point
however it offers him an extra layer of protection and helps Pete feel a bit safer when he's out on patrol. The base layer can be worn under his street clothes
and then all he needs to do is throw on his mask and webshooters and activate the suit. Once activated the base layer releases nanites designed by Peter with
some help from Reed which cover his body and create the spidey suit. These nanite spiders are there to just create his suit, they don't boost his abilities or any thing
like that, I wanted his suit to incorporate some high end tech seeing as Peter is a genius after all (he created his web fluid when he was a teenager) but I don't want the
new suit to radically alter the character and the type of stories he's involved in. Lastly the web shooters I designed them as more combat ready they have three nozzles
which enables Spider-man to produce a greater combination of webs. The web fluid housing itself rotates like a revolver when one section is empty a red light comes on and a
fresh section revolves into place ready to be used. They sit on the out side of the suit because I don't feel there is much to be gained by concealing them, in fact it would
cost him precious time when refilling his shooters if they were concealed.

Finally a little about the actual look of the suit:

I spent most of my time playing with colour, I made a decision to stay away from black as even though it's
very popular, when ever you add a lot of black to a spidey suit it feels like you are trying to recapture the vibe of
the symbiote suit, which was awesome when it was done. Now that I'm older if it's not red and blue it doesn't really feel
like Spider-man, so in the end I stayed close to the original colour choices. I tried it with out the webbing but once again
it just looked wrong to me without it so I thought i'd try white instead of black webbing and i kept it like that.
Hands down the biggest problem for me were the red boots, to have them or not to have them I liked the suit with out them
but I realised that it might be very jarring for some people, kind of like superman with out boots. That's why I went with the red trim
to at least give a hint of a boot. My design originally had the webbing under the arms but when i was drawing the action pose i realised
that the underarm webbing only looks cool in certain postions any extreme arm movement and it stretches out and looks weird.

Thanks for checking my design

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thank you.
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That is very interesting concept and I like the idea for him having underarmor for protection
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kickas as always.
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It looks like a combination of Ben Reilly's outfit and Spider Man Unlimited.



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Like Spiderman unlimited! I love it.
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