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Hi everyone,
sorry for my lack of posts, I'm keeping my DA page for more finished works but I'm doing daily sketches on my instagram.
@tokssolarin feel free to follow me if your are interested in checking out what ever pops into my head that day.
if not I'm working on something that will be up on my DA page soon.

thanks for taking the time to read this.

It's recently been brought to my attention that another artist has been copying my artwork and passing it off as their own. Like any red blooded artist my first reaction was anger and disappointment.
But then I remembered that as a kid I used to spend hours copying my favourite artists into my sketch book, just putting pencil to paper, studying style, form and technique. 
Learning from and appreciating amazing comic book art gave me so much enjoyment as a youngster that I can't really be annoyed at some one for doing the same thing.  

This is the advice part:

When I was doing my little studies in my sketch book as a kid they were just for me and my own enjoyment and not many people saw them, the internet has changed that.
Everyone puts every little thing they do online now which is cool, but posting things that you probably should have just kept in your sketch book can be problematic. The art community is a small one and the one thing it doesn't forgive is an artist copying another's hard work and taking credit for it.
You don't want to be known as that artist, people will lose respect for you/your art and it will be very,very hard to earn it back!

Disney should really be ashamed of themselves. From the decision to name the movie 'John Carter, to the piss poor advertising in all media across the world, they have actively prevented this movie from having any kind of success. I liked the film a great deal, I thought it was a fun Saturday matinee  in the same vein as the rocketeer, flash gordon and indiana jones. It wasn't perfect but it was a good solid action adventure movie, the kind we all sit around with our friends saying they don't make any more! Disney spent one hundred million
dollars on advertising this you didn't.......come on what did you really spend?
The only advertising I saw in the uk was one bus shelter poster that was a retarded close up of the star with some alien text on it, what does that tell any one! If I didn't know better i'd swear the marketing was done by a competitor of Disney. I try not to rant on the internet but
this annoyed me quite a bit. If you were thinking of watching it and got told it wasn't a success (therefore sucks) give it a try, I think the film makers succeeded in making a good movie and Disney were unsuccessful in promoting it!
Hey there,

Just a quick question is there much demand for me to make my art available as prints and if so which ones?

thanks for your help

Hi there,

I recently submitted a Captain America redesign to Project Rooftop and had such good fun doing it.It brought back memories of my childhood, when I would spend hours drawing my own version of the heroes I saw in my comic books, so in an attempt to recapture that child like energy and wonder I'm going to start doing some redesigns here. I'm also open to requests, so if you have an idea of a character old or new you like me to have a crack at just shout out and I'll see what I can do.

thanks for stopping by

I've read a lot of negative things on the internet lately concerning bad artists in many different areas of entertainment : movies,comics,music,video games etc...

We've all done it, bored people to death with reasons why so and so sucks and how we can't believe how these people even have jobs and so on and so forth. The thing that people seem to forget is that as consumers we have the power to never have to interact with bad art for the rest of our lives, JUST DON'T BUY IT!

You can spend time and energy angrily complaining about things you can't change or you can use that energy to focus on artists that you love, which ultimately will make you happier ... the choice is yours.



PS on a some what related subject check Skottie Youngs journal entry pretty much saying the same thing....
in fact i could have saved myself some time and just posted the link! any way check it out and go through the replies because you'll find some amazing artists if you do.…
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you find a cool artist on deviantART, Great there's nothing better than finding a new artist that you like,
the second best thing to finding their work is going through their favs. I find it really interesting to see what
said artist likes and I think it gives you a better insight into their work and influences. How ever when you find an
artist then click on their favs and they have none, I wonder why they're on DA at all! If the only reason you are here
is for self promotion why don't you just stick to your blog! the whole point of DA is yes to show your artwork to others
but also to be part of an artistic community, I've found some amazing artists on here that I would not have found otherwise
and if you are not doing the same then you're missing the point of deviantART.



p.s. and it's not because you're to busy, if you can find the time to put your art work up or add a long assed journal entry
then you're not too busy you're just a douche bag.
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I'm open to commissions, if you are interested please drop me a line.


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